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Last updated: 7/24/2023*

EVMavericks Weekly #28: July 17-23, 2023

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🦁Everything you need to know about the last week in EVMavericks in less than 69.6 seconds 👇

  1. Hocilef shares their collection of 42 pieces on zksync (free mint, no royalty). A style-transfer algorithm mixing paint/texture from a friend and sculpture from an other.

  2. Some of you might be eligible to vote here. I’d highly recommend to do so👀

  3. Doomfuzz’s Aurora - the 1st fully on chain generative art project is live on artgenexyz

  4. The-a-word posts The Doots Weekly altho no weekly show as we were taking a week off

  5. Five inactive mods pruned due to inactivity, it was to tighten up our security levels in the wake of the Rocket Pool discord hack.